Aldron Aldoran is a Master, Councilor, and Emissary of the Jedi Order, walking the path of the Sentinel Investigator. A master of Echani combat, he studied under an old Echani master on Corusant. Before discovering his Force powers at age 23 and leaving the city-planet to find Force training, he worked steadily as a freelance mercenary, selling his skills to the highest bidder. At the Academy on Alderaan, Aldron studied under the Grand Master Solon Qel-Droma.

Currently, Aldron has no pupil Padawan under him.

Biography Edit



Aldron possesses a suit of Echani combat armor given to him by his old master. Each piece has a cortosis weave to help defend against lightsaber impacts, but by no means makes the weapon useless against it. Below are detailed the various pieces of armor and what they do.


The most heavily customized of the armor pieces, Aldron's helmet supports a built in zoom feature, a radio transmitter, an image capture device, thermal sensors, and a graphical HUD displaying the current zoom magnification, the name and image of the current audio contact, and the current energy levels of the suit.


Aldron's vambraces have been outfitted to house two weapon modules; one on each wrist. Before his Jedi training, Aldron's module load out consisted of a retractable blade on the right wrist with a grappling harpoon on the left. Since his ascension into the Jedi ranks, Aldron has built two shoto lightsaber modules to replace both the retractable blade and the harpoon, though he kept two older modules mostly for nostalgia's sake.


The chestplate tot he armor houses the universal power cell that powers the entire suit. Aside from this, the chestplate also has a thicker layer of armor over to provide added protection to the vital areas of the human anatomy.


Aldron's belt carries all of the essential equipment that he typically carries on his person. It houses slots for extra clips of ammo for his pistol, a lightsaber holster, a gun holster, pouches of seeds encapsulated with dirt, and a leather strap to attach his diskblade to. Unlike the rest of his armor, the belt is made of bantha hide.

Gloves and bootsEdit

Aldron's gloves and boots possess an electromagnetic weave that, when activated, allows him to cling to metallic surfaces. This also affords him a greater grip on his normal lightsaber and his blaster pistol when he decides to use either.

Skills and Powers Edit

Force SkillsEdit

Core Force skillsEdit

Burst of Speed: Greatly increases speed/reaction time

Force Push/Pull: Pushes/pulls objects telepathically

Force Jump: Greatly increases jumping height

Telepathy: Allows for telepathic communication

Force Sense: Increases one's perception through the Force

Saber Throw: Throws lightsaber in an arc, returning to the user's hand

Padawan SkillsEdit

Alter Damage: Allows user to reduce the damage done by a weapon to less-than-lethal

Force Stun: Deadens the senses and perceptions of an enemy

Ray: Allows unarmed deflection of blaster bolts

Force Flash: Disables small electronics

Comprehend Speech: Allows user to understand a foreign dialect

Mind Trick: Allows the user to influence the mind of another

Knight SkillsEdit

Force Concealment: Clouds the minds of surrounding enemies to prevent detection

Droid Disable: Overloads a droid's circuits, disabling and damaging the droid

Force Valor: Increases speed an accuracy of user

Force Comprehension: Allows absorption of vast amounts of information at once

Force Stasis: Induces a catatonic state in the target

Force Confusion: Confuses an enemy to be an ally for a short time

Plant Surge: Allows the user to affect the growth of plant life around them

Master SkillsEdit

Force Cloak: Bends light around the user to prevent detection

Combustion: Makes things explode using the Force

Force Illusion: Projects a false image into the mind of the target

Psychometry: Allows discernment of the history of an object touched

Malacia: Allows the user to disrupt the equilibrium of the target, causing nausea and loss of balance

Lightsaber FormsEdit

Master in Niman/Jar'Kai

Master in Ataru

Profiecient in Djem So