Hunter Morrell
Biographical Information

Rhen Var



Physical Description




Skin color:



2.3 meters


96 kg.




Silver-flecked green

Facial Hair:

Soul patch


Appearance Edit

Hunter, while not exactly what you would call lean, does have some meat on his bones and has lightly toned muscles. His hair is slightly shaggy and is usually swept to the side. There are no visible scars or blemishes on his body. Not much facial hair other than a small soul patch.

Personality Edit

Hunter rarely stops smiling and is nearly always in a good mood. Although he is care free, he does have the ability to be serious and employs it when needed. While he has a wizened look of old age and much wisdom, the only place that it appears is in his eyes. While that look is uncommon for beings his age, it is a true reflection of personality. He is the kind of guy you can’t help but spill your guts to, and he usually does a good job of listening. Usually quiet and reserved, he is a man of few words, preferring to let his actions speak for him. He doesn’t make rash decisions and uses logic to solve his problems. He is ethical and virtuous, traits that are hard to find in the galaxy, and adheres to his principles, no matter the circumstances. Honest and trustworthy, Hunter commands the qualities of a true leader, though he tends to deny it. Humble, Hunter tends to be self-sacrificing, one of his few weaknesses.

Skills Edit

Adept in most things mechanical and technology-related, knows some forms of martial arts, an excellent chef, possesses an expansive knowledge of the medical field


Hunter’s earliest memory is one of him waking up in a house on the ice planet, Rhen Var. He had been 17 at the time, and possessed no other memories that predated that one. He remembered waking up to find the faces of two humans, male and female. After he was fully awake, the two people told him that he had gotten in an accident and lost his memory as a result. They identified themselves as Hunter’s parents, Valsili and Tavar Morrell. Neither actually had an official job, though Valsili ran a trading post that he had uncovered when he was younger.

Hunter’s life was good, up until one fateful day when he entered his house to find that his parents were missing. Figuring they had gone exploring, Hunter waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. They never returned, wherever they went, and Hunter was alone.

Somehow, he managed to survive on the godforsaken planet and found passage off the planet on a transport ship that stopped by every three months to deliver supplies. After managing to sneak on, he found that it was easy to escape attention on the big ship.

For the first time that he could remember, his life was in chaos. At least after his parents had disappeared, he had stuck to his normal, orderly routine, minus a few items, but now, he was in an unfamiliar place with just the clothes he had on his back and a few other things. In the years to come, chaos would not only be a regular part of his life, it would be welcome.